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Health and Safety

Realtime Civil Engineering Ltd are dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and wellbeing of all workers and that it is never compromised for other objectives.

We have a dedicated health and safety team to take care of the day to day needs of the business by using a proactive approach, preventing, and minimising the likelihood of risks through the implementation of safe processes and safe working practices.

We constantly aim to identify and establish new working procedures and equipment to improve working environments for our workers and others who may be affected by our activities.

We continually plan to improve safety culture and behaviour through leadership, training and worker involvement by shared working practices that comply with law, and through workforce consultation. The workforce is encouraged to report all accidents, incidents and near misses and this is seen as an opportunity to develop solutions and most importantly prevent reoccurrence.

Realtime Civil Engineering Ltd recognise the importance of promoting mental wellbeing within the construction industry and strive to support the workers mental health by creating a positive working environment, reduce stigma and handling mental health and wellbeing awareness as a priority.

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