Liverpool Street, London

Contract in Brief

Market sector


Scope of works

Substructure & Superstructure

Main contractor

Sir Robert McAlpine






108 weeks



Contract start date

September 2017

Contract Summary

Works involved the lowering of the existing basement to both the North and South buildings. Construction of North Core to a Special finish from basement to 11th floor (13 levels). Construction of 800mm radius column, double height and single height to special finish bottom up pumped with self-compacting concrete, encasing existing 500mm square concrete encasement to steel columns.

Basement works include, hydraulic jacking to structure to lower pilecap, demolition of existing basement slab and excavation, sheet pilings, mini piling to new pilecaps, drainage. Concrete to slab, pits, beams, shear walls.

North Core special finish to all internal walls to Architects requirements where bolthole positions and board layouts are defined and change to suit various floor heights. Poured with self-compacting concrete, utilising a Peri Jump system faced with a special plywood.

800mm radius column special finish as set out by Architects. The existing retained structure has 500mm square concrete encasement to steel columns which require 800mm radius special finish concrete to be constructed around existing. There are both single and double height columns where the double height columns are +8m high and require bottom up pumping with self-compacting concrete utilising a number of bespoke metal moulds to suit each condition. The same applies to the single height columns where self-compacting concrete is bottom up pumped utilising a number of bespoke metal moulds to suit each condition.