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We have an important role in building tomorrow’s world, and therefore we have a key part to play in sustainable development. We recognise that construction has huge social, economic, and environmental impacts during the design and build process with the potential to make significant positive contributions if done in the right way.

As we lay the foundations for future generations, we are committed to leaving a positive impact while transitioning to a low carbon future. To embed this throughout our operations, we have aligned our activities to four pillars of sustainability: People, Nature, Materials and Carbon.

These pillars represent where we can and should make the biggest contribution to sustainable development by addressing both our own operations and creating better places for people to live and work through our projects:

  • People: Our workplaces will be safe, healthy, and diverse. We will create environments for our colleagues and communities to thrive in.
  • Nature: We will protect and enhance biodiversity within our local community.
  • Materials: Reimagining our supply chain to remove single use products, while continuing to sustainably source materials and manage waste.
  • Carbon: Understanding our impacts today in order to transition to a low carbon future.
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